Wet Basement

Wet basements are caused by many reasons. Most problems start by improper grading, broken rain leaders, wet soil against foundation walls, poor foundation drainage or no drain at all! Additional problems are created because of these conditions: bowed foundation walls; cracked footing; wet and rotten wood; and, mold and mildew on walls and carpet. With my many years of dealing with these conditions I can assess your problems quickly and develop a cost effective and timely game plan to work with your busy schedule.

Interior basement systems: Perimeter drains Sump pumps with battery back up

Exterior systems: Foundation excavation Foundation waterproofing and insulation Foundation drains Site grading

French drains: Diversion trench drains Yard drains Yard contouring

Structural repair: Replacement of foundation walls Underpinning footers Replace wood beams Repair concrete floors and steps

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